Ultimate Start - Recovery

For Recovering Horses

Recovery: 12% Protein

Formulated specifically for mature horse that need an extra boost to rebuild conditioning when coming off poor pasture or feed, or after sickness. Topline Recovery promotes fast recovery using high digestible nutrients and natural herbs.

The team has looked at how a high protein, high carb and high starch diet is causing issues in the equine industry.  We know having too many proteins or too many carbs the liver will convert into sugars, so if these are not used or burned in a timely fashion (in work) the body will store as sugars causing insulin spikes and acidity within the body.

We studied feeding the horses more fats as it's easier to digest since it's cooler food. Essential vitamins and minerals to help keep inflammation in the horse's system down, building blocks to repair tissues using essential amino acids.

Targeted Benefits:

  • Crude protein from hempseed meal and HempOlive™ oil
  • An extruded feed designed to encourage chewing and saliva production that helps to buffer stomach acids to help prevent gastric ulcers
  • With added magnesium, calcium, ascorbic acid, and glucosamine hydrochloride
Feeding Guidelines
450 kg horse 0.5 to 0.75% of body weight per day
split kgs in to 2 feedings per day2.25 to 4.5 kgs total per day