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Hemp Seed Meal & Pellets

Topline Protein 34%

Horses, Mules, Ponies, and Donkeys

Perfect Balance Hemp Seed Pellets and Meal are the byproduct of the production of cold pressing hemp seed into hemp oil. The remaining byproduct of the pressing process is known in the cold press industry as Hemp Seed Cake. This is the meal. The meal is then pressed back into small cylinders for the pellets. 

It is a true “cool” feed with many added benefits, fed as a top mix. Perfect Balance Seed Hemp Pellets contain essential omega oils, vitamins, minerals, and unique anti-inflammatory properties.

Topline Meal

Topline Pellets

Topline Protein Applications
  • In-Foal Mares and Breeding Stallions
  • High Performance Competition: rodeo, barrel, chuckwagon, out riders, racing, polo, endurance
  • High Performance Event: show jumping, dressage
  • Every Day: Foals, weanlings, green broke, young stock, elderly stock
  • Hot Bloods, Warm Bloods, Cold Bloods
Topline Protein for Therapy
  • Laminitis: a common, extremely painful and frequently recurrent condition in horses, mules, ponies, and donkeys.
  • Arthritis: one of the most common conditions that affect performance and pleasure in horses. In fact, arthritis is believed to be responsible for up to 60% of all lameness.
  • Equine Cushing Disease: Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (equine Cushing's disease) is an endocrine disorder that occurs in over 20% of aged horses, ponies, and donkeys.
  • Rescue: the slow process of rehabilitation that starts with TLC and nutrition, a perfect combination for the cool feed of Perfect Balance Hemp Seed Pellets
Recommended Dosage

Start Slow, and always combine as a well-mixed ration and wetted before feeding, divided into 2 feedings per day.

NOTE: In all of the above applications, start the introduction of Perfect Balance Hemp Seed Meal and/or Pellets very slow with minimal amounts until the animal becomes accustomed to the taste and texture.

This product contains no THC or CBD.

Perfect Balance Seed Hemp Meal and Pellets Available in 20 kg Bags.

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